Current team: Lyndon Froese and Simon Pelletier.

Illustrations by Ben Clarkson.

Other people who have helped: Nathaniel Froese (various feedback and lots of work on much more complicated software that hasn't been released), Terrell Froese (naming), Dan Belhassen (businessy things), Ryan Neudorf (various feedback) and Rina Patsiatzis (naming).

Back story

by Lyndon Froese

For years I'd wished that someone would make something like Timeline. I just thought it would be neat and also very helpful for people who mostly learn by listening, like I do.

Although I may not have been the best person for the job, I was definitely available. I was spending the winter in a cabin near a tiny ski hill in Canada. People thought I worked at the ski resort, but it was actually more like a wintery version of that fellow in the song Margaritaville who ended up staying at a resort all season for no reason. I lived a short ski into the woods from the resort, at a nearby lake where it was often just me and the wolves. Hence my aforementioned availability. I wrote out a spec for Timeline Notation and made some software that uses it.

I'm now working with a small team to further develop the software.